Claudio Piccoli

This is my little world made with Photography and Dogs in action especially. It’s a field where, after tried correctly, you can’t come back! It’s something that inspire me all the time, it’s always different and this allow me to create different results all the time! Every dog is incredible but needs to fit what we are going to ask it during the shooting. It’s not forcing a dog that we achieve a good result (I saw so many sad situation in several shooting by people). It’s working with the dog with a flexible shooting that we can reach the soul of that dog. This require a lot of technique and knowledge that I love to teach during my Photography Workshops “Dogs in Action”. 

It’s not because a Workshop is called action that it’s good for learn the real action shooting in photography! There is a big world behind that word and I spent a lot of time and efforts to reach this level…it’s a journey that will never end where I learn something everyday. I hope you will join a workshop of mine one day to give me the lovely chance to teach you and make you understand this amazing world.

For me it’s very important to freeze an instant able to tell what the dog has done till the moment of the shutter released and what he is going to do showing a dynamic situation…..this is my point of view…it’s framing, composition and many things together during the action. This makes me so happy all the time.

Every photo must tell me something strong and I hope you will find some of my shots interesting….I wish you could read something in my photos ….in the dog’s eyes